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Become a volunteer

rally raid Marruecos Túnez 4x4 Moto Quad Buggy SSV

Volunteering at FenekRally is a fantastic way to get involved in an experience that you are passionate about, and in a role that has the main objective of helping and contributing your knowledge and availability to someone else; In your case, it may be by occupying a position from the following list, which describes the various volunteer roles that we need in each career:

  • Logistics: 2-3 people to manage the runners regarding travel, accommodation and ferry boarding.
  • Staging: 2 people to organize the drivers so that they are ready in their vehicles when it is time for the official race start.
  • Finish line: 2 people to record the runners in order as they cross the finish line.
  • Medium: 3 people to take and edit photographs and videos.
  • Health: 1 doctor and 1 nurse licensed and specialized in emergencies and traumatology.




North Africa


5 - 13 OCTOBER

Ideal event for the initiation and improvement of driving and navigation of motorcycles, quads, buggies / SSV and 4×4 off-road vehicles.

¡¡Estamos corriendo ahora mismo!!

The 2024 edition of the FenekRally Maroc Edition will continue with the same patterns as the previous editions, linking 5 circular or semi-circular stages around Merzouga, Taouz, Ouzina, Ramlia, Erfoud, and other small villages. A total of 1,200 kilometers between tracks, rivers of sand, sets and dunes, with very technical sections and other faster sections.


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