Lluís Rosa - Dakariano 2021

If you have come this far it is because you have a dream. At first it was just a fleeting thought, from recurring it ended up becoming an idea, eventually a goal and finally, with enthusiasm, a dream. Congratulations, you have come to the right place, you have just taken the first step to fulfill your dream.

FenekRally was also a thought that crossed my head, slowly it became an idea that I couldn’t get out of my mind, it ended up being a goal until it became a dream. It scared me, but I have to tell you, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. I continue to fulfill my dream and I encourage you to fulfill yours.

When I thought of the first edition of the FenekRally in 2014, I thought of its spirit, of what never dies. Constancy, sacrifice, enjoyment, camaraderie, passion, effort… That is what I wanted the FenekRally to be and this is what it is today 7 years later. A transversal race, that those who compete in this unique and unforgiving challenge, face a challenge that puts all their skills to the test: vehicle control, driving techniques, orientation ability, own food supply systems, vehicle repair capacity. vehicle, mental strength, physical endurance and experience.

If it is not the first time you compete in the FenekRally I welcome  again, this will always be your home. If, on the other hand, you are considering participating in the FenekRally for the first time, I encourage you to do so, I strongly encourage you to fulfill your dream. You will suffer, you will cry, you will enjoy, you will laugh and surely at some point you will regret it, you will remember the moment when you read this text and you will say: “What would I be thinking?” and the next day you will surprise yourself thinking that this has been the adventure of your life.

A journey of a thousand kilometers begins with a single step, you are about to take yours.

Luís Rosa,
Dakarian y briefingman

rally raid definition


The FenekRally is a rally raid type motor competition, based on navigation through a Roadbook that includes drawing bullets, heading bullets with approximate distance and waypoint bullets. The one who does it in the shortest time, in each category, wins.

Those who compete in this unique and unforgiving race face a challenge that tests all their skills: vehicle control, driving techniques, orientation skills, self-supply systems of food, vehicle repair ability, mental strength, physical stamina and experience.

In the FenekRally, amateur drivers can compete alongside professionals, using various types of vehicles: motorcycles, quads, SSV / buggies and 4 × 4 SUVs. This is where professional drivers train for their national or world circuits, and where amateur drivers learn, perfect and develop their hobby.

Recognized as one of the best rally raids in Morocco and Tunisia and one of the most similar to the largest official motorsport events on the planet. The FenekRally is more than just a race, and represents the most human in sporting adventures that take place over 8-12 day periods through several thousand kilometers of some of the most difficult, hostile and majestic terrain. Each rally raid brings together amateur and professional competitors in a test of human and spirit endurance. It is man, machine and nature against each other in an epic challenge, where just crossing the finish line is a great achievement.

With each year’s editions, new pages have been written in the history of this remarkable career. Each tells a story of extraordinary feats of human endeavor and features some names in the legend of the 4 × 4 world and other disciplines.

From its inspired beginnings traveling to Tunisia, and in the harsh but beautiful conditions of that African country, the race grew in legend and stature, conquering fans and competitors. All tied by a spirit of adventure and a willingness to travel into the unknown.

2018 marked the beginning of a new chapter in FenekRally history with a new race in Morocco. Its tracks and dunes seem to maintain the origins of the FenekRally and are ready to write new stories of this legendary adventure.

Although the race takes place over 6-7 days, the FenekRally actually starts long before the starting podium and represents a great logistical and technical challenge.

Verifications are always and obligatorily carried out before the event and it involves both administrative and technical control. The clerk requires all competitors to undergo a host of regulatory obligations: such as license verification and medical forms. While the technical part involves the review of the vehicles that are going to participate, such as navigation and safety equipment.

After verifications are complete, participants must attend a informative session or briefing where they will receive important training on the race. After all this information, the participants will be ready for a few of the most intense and challenging days of their lives.

The central pillar of the FenekRally is endurance. The challenge of overcoming thousands of miles of some of the toughest terrain on the planet and fighting the many physical, mental and mechanical challenges along the way is what makes the FenekRally so unique.

They all share a common desire to complete the race and be accompanied by the spirit and brotherhood that FenekRally imposes. In fact, although they ultimately compete with each other, camaraderie is essential. It is a common feature of the race that the competitors stop and help each other when they encounter difficulties. This camaraderie finds expression every night, at the end of every race day, at the camp sites.

Each race day in the FenekRally begins and ends in a camp, and is made up of 2 different sections known as special and link:

The special stages are the most exciting parts of the FenekRally. These are competitive timed sections often off-road through hostile terrain in which competitors try to reach the fastest time possible. The times established in the special stage, to which possible penalties are added, determine the general positions in the classification.

The sections before and after the specials are called linking sections. For safety reasons, it is not always possible to start and end the special stage at the camp sites. In this case, the race vehicles must proceed from the camp site to the starting point of the special stage.

Navigation is crucial for success on the special stage, as the FenekRally is, at its core, an orienteering race. Competitors must find their way through, over, or around the course’s many obstacles as quickly as possible. However, they must do so in a way that preserves both man and machine.

There are three categories or modes of participation regardless of the vehicle used:

OVERLAND: No time, just follow the roadbook.

RALLY: Speed ​​limited to 90 km / hour following the roadbook (Buggies limited to 110 km / hour).

FIA / FIM: No speed limit following the roadbook (new).

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