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The prestigious brand Metal Lube is from today technical sponsor of the #fenekrally2020

FenekRally thus joins this prestigious brand of anti-friction lubricants at a global level. Metal Lube is a world leader in anti-friction treatments and is known for the quality of its products, since thanks to them it is possible to extend the life of any mechanic. It is an antifriction treatment with the highest efficiency that at the same time takes care of all the metallic parts that suffer friction in the mechanics of use of any 4×4, quad, SSV or motorcycle.

The success of a product that is neither an oil nor an additive. It does not leak, nor does it adhere to walls or circulation ducts. This is because Metal Lube treats the metal and not the oil, as it is a simple conductor in this case.

The high-tech formulation penetrates the micro pores of the metal, when friction occurs, the treatment is activated and the oil adheres to the hot spots that generate friction, creating an almost perfect lubrication environment. Under these conditions, the operating temperature of the oil and water is lowered, reducing noise, vibrations … The result is a reduction in polluting emissions, an improvement in the motorcycle’s response and an increase in power.

From FenekRally we highly recommend the use of Metal Lube for the test due to its mechanical demands. Without a doubt, a product of this quality is essential and one of the main allies when it comes to avoiding breakdowns and thus being able to finish the stages without any incident.

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