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Oh yeah guys! We are going to celebrate a Tunisia edition 2021 from October 9 to 18, the 5 stages with fast-paced routes starting much further north than in previous editions make the race a special edition.

We are sure that we will receive the award for the best amateur rally in Tunisia 2021!

Let us remember that in 2019 Fenekrally won the award for the best race / rally in Tunisia by the FTA and this year it will not be for less with the premiere of the Classics category!

This October from 9 to 18 the FenekRally returns to the charge, this year the stages will be more focused on navigation, obviously without taking away the extreme side of the Fenekrally, the pilots will have to work harder than ever to overcome all the stages where the co-pilot will be increasingly important to finish each day on time.

Fenekrally can’t wait any longer to make you feel the adrenaline of the competition, the feeling of camaraderie and the euphoria of winning the best rally in Tunis in 2021. And now with a Dakarian as organizer!


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